Most Prized Musical Posession?

All of us have some sort of intimate relationship with music. As a result we all have some physical thing that really gets across our love for an artist, music genre or just musical moment. So I asked my peers, what are their favorite musical possessions?

Here is what they had to say:


For me? These are my precious

When I first answered this I thought about Remy Shand album but I realized these mean more to me. These were given to me by my brother for my 20th birthday. The reason I appreciate them is that I remember going into his room and seeing them and wanting to listen to them but at the time I couldn't or more so he wouldn't let me. Years later I got my own copy of Train of Thought but he gave me his copy, and I now have things that I have always wanted to hear from his collection.

Shout outs: TSD
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One Response to “Most Prized Musical Posession?”

  1. My favourite musical possession aside from the LP's I have kept from my youth, is a framed signed LP of AC/DC's Flick of the Switch. On the cover Angus Young has drawn a picture of himself as the Devil. I bid on it at a charity auction. Not a lot of AC/DC fans attended thankfully! - Lisa