What are albums and songs that inspire you to take responsibility?

Music is not often a thing that exists individually away from our lives. Often we need music to satisfy emotional needs. Often one of the easiest things to go to music for is to inspire you to do the things in your life you need to. So I polled people on what they listen to when they need that push.

The song I go to most? These days it's Lupe Fiasco's Just Might Be Okay. 


"Then he leaves the house that love built that
HUD renovated that section 8 pays for
Well lets pray for em
Let the beat play for em
Put his struggles on display for em
Cause he gotta go and face the drama
With a different face from the one that he use to face his momma"              
This is a young mans mantra as he prepares to go out on his own

Shout outs: Everybody
Peace, Love, Unity, God Bless and Keep Safe

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5 Responses to “What are albums and songs that inspire you to take responsibility?”

  1. Fiasco's "He Say She Say."

    Being without a father, although not as painful as the scenario presented in the song, makes it really awkward for me to think about my future. I don't want to end up being the stereotypical deadbeat so listening to this always gives me the thought of doing better than what I had should I ever have kids.

    - SegHamZone

  2. Gang Starr - Work

  3. @SegHamZOne

    I can imagine a song like that being very inspiring to prevent being a deadbeat dad yourself.


    Cool choice