Organized System of Listening to Music?

Try to keep it nice and organized

So question for music fans, how ordered are you when it comes to listening to music, do you have listening plan and organize your feelings on a song/album and rationalize why you like or dislike it?

These are some responses I got

People don't seem to have a planned system. I neither myself. I would love to have one but life is too hectic and I often choose songs for an emotional need. How about you? Do you have everything down to a science?

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4 Responses to “Organized System of Listening to Music?”

  1. Definitely on an emotional basis. All my files are organized however by Artists and Album titles but as far as listening it's just what I'm in the mood for or sometimes something random when I don't know what I feel like listening to. That way I surprise myself and listen to stuff I haven't heard in forever.

  2. That sounds as unorganized as mine lol. Do you by chance have a back catalog of stuff you been meaning to listen to?

  3. I think a whole "plan to listen new stuff everyday" would take some of the enjoyment you get when you listen to music. Sometimes you're not in the real mood for that type of music (i.e.: You're having a great day and enjoying that bright sun and clear sky, but you have to listen to a kind of depressive album).
    I do keep my music organized in the sense of "i need to listen to some stuff everyday", but that's because i really can't live a day without listening to music.

  4. I need to listen to stuff everyday as well but as you say the mood regulates if I need to go to an old love or I feel like exploring something new.