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Promise a Canadian emcee recently signed to Duck Down Records has been building a very good stream of music for the last few years.  He recently released Awakening his second LP and continues to make a dent in Hip-Hop music with his catalog of work. Collaborating with artists from Royce Da 5'9, Elzhi and Shad K, he has been building a strong reputation among his peers that his fans are already aware of. Recently Promise had the time to answer a few of my questions about Awakening and other things.

TheWolvesDen: Awakening is nearly 6 months old, what are your thoughts on it in hindsight?

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Promise: An amazing piece of art, very happy with how it came together. But I can't wait to complete my next masterpiece, the gift and the curse of an artist. Awakening is still brand new to 96% of the world including people in Canada.

TWD: Clearly displaying the gospel, how do you think your relationship with God changed in the making of this album?

Promise:I purpose to get closer to God everyday of my life. And I've matured quite a bit over the last few years.

TWD: Everyone Knows seems like the spiritual successor to the song Could Have Been on the album More than Music , stories about those suffering elsewhere seems to hit your heart, would you like to talk about the content a bit more?

Promise: I just like to shed light on situations I believe we as a people/nation can help change.

TWD: A song like Clark Kent seems to embody you, care to explain why you prefer the authentic Clark Kent lifestyle instead of trying to be Superman like many other rappers?

Promise: I never really understood the bravado factor of Hip-Hop much. Its a waste of time. If I can write better songs, be a bigger change in the world, I don't gotta say how much better than a lot of these guys I'll know it [laughs]. I always feel like if you have to tell us you're something, you're probably not.

TWD: For your projects it seems you found a sound that may not neccesarily popular, but sounds classic, do you ever want to switch your sound? When it comes to your music do you ever want to switch the style so more people hear more of the gospel?

Promise: Never. I could care less what's "hot" right now. [laughs] Phonte said it best "good music will always be in fashion" (no pun intended).

TWD: Back in 08 you worked with Shad K for Shy Guys, can fans expect another great collaboration between you two? How is it to see how much ground he has covered since that collaboration?

Promise: I have about 7 songs with Shad, waiting on his greenlight! He's a beast, I'm always inspired by him.

TWD: I remember discovering your music with Kanye West presents Promise mixtapes, can we expect more in that series? Or even an a proper collab...?

Classic Mixtape Series

Promise: You can definitely expect more good music from me, I try to stay fresh as possible so ressurecting an old thing might not happen. A collaboration from me and 'Ye in 2012? You gotta ask him about that.

TWD: What is your goal with music now?

Promise: To change lives.

TWD: What is next for you?

Promise: Constructing a masterpiece to be unveilled in the coming year if its finished , plus a bunch of side projects, its gonna be real fun.

TWD: Is there anything you would like to share anything with your fans?

Promise: follow me on twitter @ipromisemusic and never compromise for what's "hot" classic will always be in fashion.

Shout outs: Promise
Peace, Love, Unity, God Bless and Keep Safe

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