Interview: Uncanny

Interview with producer Uncanny maker of class projects such as the Wonderful Tunes series.

TheWolvesDen: You released Samurai Soul Volume Two in July, how do you look back at that piece? 

Looking back I felt it was a solid and successful project. Samurai Soul Volume Two continued the theme and tone I established with the first volume.

TWD:In Samurai Soul Volume Two, what was your goal? 

U: The goal was to release an instrumental album which creates an enjoyable listening experience. This is what I hope to achieve with all my projects, present, past, and future.

TWD:Which songs were particularly difficult in crafting? 

U: I wouldn't say any particular song was very difficult. My music creation process is pretty easy going.

TWD:What aspects of Samurai, and Japanese imagery did you try to incorporate into this project? 

U: I've always been fascinated with Japanese culture. I've researched the Bushido code that samurai follow and try to incorporate that same honor and discipline to music creation as well as my daily life.

TWD:You seem heavily influenced in art, are all the album covers your designs? 


U: Yeah, I'm a huge art fan.  I scour the internet in search of great and inspiring art pieces. I major in graphic design and I do in fact design my album covers. Hopefully people don't think they suck[laughs].

TWD:You seem to enjoy releasing albums in pairs; ie. The Wonderful Tunes Series and the Walk on The Moon Series, is there a reason for that? And do you consider the ideal listening experience to listen to them in sequence, or does each project stand on its own to you? 

U:I personally did not want to release instrumental albums of random beats so I developed some themes that would allow me to put together projects that would meet my expectations. I don't necessary think releasing albums the way  I do actually makes for a better listening experience but I prefer to be a bit more organized. I think collectively each series is a great listen but I also believe that each album can definitely be enjoyed solo as a standalone work of art.

TWD:How would you describe your own music? 

U: I would call my music honest. I've always made the type of beats I personally like to listen to. I don't cater to a particular audience or try to copy what is most popular at the moment to be more successful. I would describe my music as soulful, not just because I tend to sample soul records but because I like to think the sounds appeal to the listener's soul.  Different beats have different moods and vibes.  I hope when someone listens to my work that it makes them feel something and that they receive a message.

TWD:You seem to have build a fan-base through Flow Worthy and other beat tape sites, how does it feel to have that type of reverence through the niche market sites? 

U: It's great, I appreciate all exposure I can get.  I'm gracious to everyone that has taken time out of their lives to give my music a chance, whether they download the whole catalog or have merely listened to on beat by accident. I make the type of beats I like to hear as I've mentioned earlier but to be able to share that with others and have them enjoy work is a great feeling.  I am very thankful for the blogs that have posted my work and I am honored to be on those websites.

TWD:Is there anything you want to share with your fan-base? 

U: First and foremost, thank you for reaching out for this interview. Answering these great questions has been fun and definitely made me think a bit. [laughs]. I want thank everyone that listens for the support. Thank you to everyone that posts and shares my music, whether it's on blogs, twitter, facebook, myspace(anyone still use that?) or anywhere else. I want to tell everyone to stay tuned... I have Samurai Soul vol 3 dropping September, also You Should Love Me vol 2 and Soul Stories vol 2 dropping in 2012. I have a few emcee/producer albums coming out: ,Love Swish with Josh Swish(available now), Soul Music with Rapko, Reality Bites with Jae Forever and I Soul'd Out with Bang. I'm in a production duo entitled Soul Tree and we are working on a follow up to our first instrumental album "Branching Off' that should out in the winter. 

Shout outs: Uncanny
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