The Journey to Polymath

     Today in class I had to present on Leonardo's notebooks. Certain drawings and theories intrigued me but I got muddled in the smallest thing presented in this book. The picture that caught my eye the most was of the little gears. The reason though was because I saw the flying machines that he theorized and felt that the gears were the small but were the basic and intricate parts to the get to where he could even fathom the big ideas. This post is the gear. Hopefully, this blog will become the flying machine(mind you it wasn't feasible if replicated with the equipment of his time, that's not important).

     As I finish this post I say a quick few things. Expect reviews, music and video game and the obscure. In addition, expect analysis of my life along with posts relating to all ends of the spectrum of things that I find intriguing. I aim to become polymath. So to you the reader, if there is something that you recommend to develop my mind such as a CD etc,reveal it to me.

Nas needed One Mic, I need one post inspired from Da Vinci's drawing about gears.

Shout Outs: Lux Doyle
Peace, Love, Unity, God Bless and Keep Safe

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2 Responses to “The Journey to Polymath”

  1. komapsumnida. nice pic resolution.

  2. Bonne chance ! The gear is turning at a decent speed with this post.